Welcome to PopNotifi Developer Documents, these documents are for the users who intend to integrate PopNotifi more deeply with their website than simple embed code. PopNotifi currently offers 2 ways you can communicate with our API.

  1. Javascript SDK


Javascript SDK requires installation on your website before you could use it. If you have already installed the PopNotifi embed code onto your website than you are good to go because PopNotifi SDK is already installed with embed code.

REST API's are intended for advanced developers who want to integrate our admin features such as notification sending/scheduling into their own website / admin portals. By using our REST API you can send the notification / schedule notification without explicitly leaving your website.

We hope that these documents will serve you well, but if you find a bug, typo or just need help with anything related to Javascript SDK or REST API, you can start a discussion please feel free to reach out @‚Äč